March 12, 2018

Cry Baby Donald Trump: Biggest Cry Baby Award Recipient?

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Do you think that Donald Trump is the biggest cry baby in the world? Well I certainly do. Only a true coward could or would, believe that they should never apologize.

Doesn’t it take real character and fortitude to admit it when you make a mistake? A “real” man, admits when he is wrong. Not Donald Trump. So then it goes to reason that Donald Trump is a spoiled brat, in a old man’s body, with no intention of ever growing up to be a “real” man?

Donald Trump is always in the news because he likes chaos and the media, they love covering the class clown troublemaker. It gets more viewers and that’s how they make money. Sounds like capitalism doesn’t it?

So let’s hear from you if you think Donald Trump deserves the 2018 biggest cry baby award!

Stay tuned and get involved!

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